Monday, September 9, 2013

Focus T25 - Day 1 - CARDIO

Day 1 of a new program is always tricky. New moves, new prompts for the next section, new's usually confusing. Luckily, Focus T25's Cardio session isn't too bad. There are only a couple of moves that are truly confusing, but are generally broken up into easy to understand segments.

Still, this one was tough. How tough? We started with High Knees. That's something that's always hard to maintain. Through the lunges, jumping jacks, and sprints, I followed Tania, who was the lady demonstrating the modified versions (sometimes the modified versions were tougher, don't believe me, try to do a modified jumping jack at the rate they were going).

In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't too bad of a workout, and it was done in 25 minutes, as promised by Shaun T. I'm pretty positive about these next 10 weeks, because when I wake up, I'm not going to think, "I don't know if I have an hour to get a workout in." It's only 25 minute.

And, for the heck of it, here are my starting stats for Focus T25:

Weight: 196.2
Chest: 43 in
Waist: 38 in
Hips: 45 in
Right Arm: 12 in
Left Arm: 13 in
Right Thigh: 28 in
Left Thigh: 28 in

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